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Brave Frontier maintenance is finished, go get your 6-star evolutions!

lancia six star evolution

Update 7/9/14 9:53am ET...

Something is a little wonky with Brave Frontier right now. I ran a Cave of Desire dungeon, it took the stamina from me but didn't give me the Mimics that dropped for me. Same thing happened to my brother with his Jewel key. I closed the game and it set my stamina to what it should be, but the Evo mats that dropped weren't in my inventory.

Original article:

After having today's scheduled maintenance extended for a huge update, Brave Frontier is back up. For an hour or two after the maintenance was originally expected to be over, players were receiving "Unexpected error has occurred" messages. Those errors should now be go. Upon starting Brave Frontier, you'll download an update and be ready to go.

Brave Frontier just unleashed six-star versions of Lancia, Elimo, Leore, Elulu, Aem, Lemia, Lorand, Dean, Edea and Loch -- all of which are now available. My priority will be getting that six-star Lancia.

Which six-star evolution are you most excited for?

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