Brave Frontier is aware of the “No Ranking Information Found” issue

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Trust me, I get it. You ground-out the Frontier Hunter EX Season 3 dungeons hard. Like really hard. Like 50+ times hard. It was tedious, time consuming, yet something you had to give all your attention to because you wanted those points. And now that the delayed calculations have finished, you want to reap your rewards. I get it. Sadly, the whole “No Ranking Information Found” error consumes your results.

Sadly, there is no easy fix. Brave Frontier’s Facebook has said one hour ago:

However, we apologize for the inconvenience as not all Frontier Hunter participants are able to receive their rewards and rank bonus yet. We are already investigating the cause of the "No Ranking Information Found" error and currently working on resolving this issue.

So yea, you’re game isn’t screwed and it’s not just you. It’s well, everyone I’ve talked to – self included. Sadly all you can do is sit back and put trust that they resolve shortly so you can receive your rewards. Know you’re not alone. If you continue to not see any changes check their Facebook page and or Twitter for updates.

Here’s hopping.

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