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Brave Frontier Hunter Ex Season 4 is live!


Time to get a grinding in Brave Frontier again! That’s right, it’s time for the Frontier Hunter Ex Season 4! Compete for prizes, ranking improvements, and gloating rights with your friends. Grab that low hanging fruit and stuff your pockets with Gems, Zel, and Burst Frogs.

The event started yesterday, July 13th, at 19:00 PST and will go until July 18th at 18:59 PST. The process is pretty standard, you have three orbs which you can use on any level, you unlock other levels by beating them, and your orbs respawn every few hours. Each level has a high score but all attempts add to a greater score for end rankings. You can find it in the Akras Summoner’s Hall Survey Office.

So yea, grind your little heart out and stick it to your buds. Best of luck out there.

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