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'Branded' shows that companies like Apple and Coke control our brains... so let's fight back with an ax

I've never heard of Jamie Bradshaw or Aleksandr Dulerayn, but based on their IMDB, I assume they do a lot of work in western Europe. But here we have their movie Branded, which is set in a dystopian future that controls the populace through mega-corporations and big brands. Some of those brands are plays on Apple (Yepple Electronics in the movie, with the same all-white theme to it) and The Burger (which uses the same colors as McDonalds). The main character Misha Galkin (Ed Stoppard) can see things for what they really are: and it looks like our favorite brands have mind-controlling monsters and creatures behind it. Think Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

If it sounds bizarre and corny... it is. But I have to give it points for creativity and originality. Watch the trailer for yourself, which also stars LeeLee Sobieski. Just know that Misha plans to battle these monsters with an ax and handgun. At least, that's according to the poster. I'm trying to figure out if the movie is suppose to be taken seriously or not. Looks like another Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter to me.

The one bad thing I can see coming from this movie is all the conspiracy theorists that already believe this is happening. Can't wait to see these nutjobs talk about how all of this is real. Head over to to learn more about the movie.

Branded is set to release on September 7, 2012.

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