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Braid developer announces next game, The Witness, for PS4

the witness

Sony is willing to take risks that other publishers just won't take. "PlayStation remains steadfast in its support for the indie community." Jonathan Blow, the creator of Braid, made a joke that he doesn't know how he's going to follow the explosions of inFAMOUS Second Son. Then, he talked about his new game -- The Witness.

The Witness is a puzzle game without arbitrary puzzles. Every puzzle has an idea inside it, and they work to convey the essence of each idea. There are 25 hours of puzzle gameplay, and the PS4 will be the only console that The Witness is on.

Queue trailer. It's an open world where everything is placed where it is for a reason. The trailer showed some charming art design with impressive lighting effects. With a whimsical song playing over the footage, The Witness looks like a Myst-like game.

No release date for The Witness was released.

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