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Bound by Flame launch trailer highlights the flame demon that possesses you

With Bound by Flame due out this Friday, developer Spider Studio has released a launch trailer. Not only does it offer one last glimpse at the upcoming RPG, but it also sheds light on the background story and the gameplay, most notably the relationship between you -- a mercenary tasked with saving the world from destruction -- and the flame demon that posses you.

"The choices and decisions you make in the game will determine if you allow your demonic side to predominate and gradually transform you physically in exchange for his powerful fire magic, or if you resist the demon's control and retain your humanity to develop your heroic skills," Spider Studio explains. In addition to affecting your approach to combat, your human/demon duality will also impact the way others, particularly your companions, react around you.

"It is therefore a central component in Bound by Flame that will influence your game experience depending on your choices and also assure gameplay longevity: players who want to try every possible way of progressing through the adventure are sure to start the game again to make totally different decisions from the first time!"

Bound by Flame is set to release this Friday, May 9, for PS4, PS3, Xbox 360,a nd PC.

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