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Boulder Dash-ROCKS! hits the Shelves across Europe Today

November 22, 2007

Let The Diamond Hunt begin as Boulder Dash-ROCKS! hits the Shelves across Europe

Today Today Rockford sets out on a precarious hunt for sparkling diamonds in "Boulder Dash-ROCKS!" for the Nintendo DS

10TACLE STUDIOS AG, Electronic Arts Inc. and First Star Software, Inc. today announced the Europe-wide release of “Boulder Dash(r)-ROCKS!(tm)” for the Nintendo DS(tm) Jointly developed by 10TACLE STUDIOS MOBILE and co-publisher First Star Software, Inc., the modern remake of this cult classic guarantees both veteran “Boulder Dash(r)” fans and new-found Rockford (tm) friends exciting and challenging arcade-puzzle action.

This tricky puzzle and dexterity game first made its debut in the early 80s and continues to fascinate its large fan base making it a classic in the history of interactive entertainment. Now Boulder Dash(r) is back with a hot new look to take the Nintendo DS by storm this holiday. A version of the game for the PSP (r) (PlayStation (r) Portable) will follow in Spring 2008. The hit game’s principle remains: players have to collect sparkling diamonds whilst avoiding numerous traps and beating opponents to reach them, all the while watching out for falling boulders. The game contains four different gaming modes. In addition to the classic single-player mode, which takes players through 80 levels across four different game worlds, Boulder Dash(r)-ROCKS!(tm) now offers a new multi-player setting and two additional play modes. For the first time, Boulder Dash(r)-ROCKS!(tm) on the Nintendo DS also features ‘Route Race’ – an all new custom designed strategic game feature which allows the player to use the Stylus to first draw a path for Rockford to exit a level though, neither Rockford not any of the in-game elements move until after the player is ready to test the route they have recorded. While this may seem easy at first, the higher the level, the more challenging it becomes for the player to envision the best strategy as he weighs up which enemies to free or which stones to move to reach the exit, while trying to predict and remember how things will shift based on the route drawn.


  • 4 amazing worlds: Jungle, Lava, Water and Netherworld.

  • All different in game play and environments

  • All-new graphic design which appeals to the modern player and more casual players alike

  • Fascinating game modes: Planet Tour (Storymode), Time Trial and Double Dash (Multiplayer)

  • Exclusive Nintendo DS mode: Route Race (Brain Teaser mode), is all about strategy and uses the stylus

  • 130 challenging levels guarantee hours of fun and entertainment

  • New opponents, new tools and all new, challenging puzzles

  • Well proven gameplay, known throughout the world since 1984

  • Beautifully produced cinematics and entertaining storyline

  • High brand recognition, with millions of units already sold in the Boulder Dash(r)


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