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Boulder Dash Is Center Stage Again!

March 5, 2010

Boulder Dash Is Center Stage Again!

First Star Software and Catnip Games Officially Announce XBLA Production

Today “First Star Software, Inc.” and “Catnip Games” officially announced their upcoming production of a “Boulder Dash” sequel for Xbox Live Arcade for release in Q3 2010. In cooperation with “First Star Software”, the owner of the Intellectual Property; and, with the assist of “simple plan production”, “Catnip Games” will deliver both charming and challenging entertainment to the XBLA worldwide community. The team is using the latest technology to present the unique gameplay and all of the characteristic elements associated with “Boulder Dash” in a modern and incomparable style.

This tricky, action-puzzle and dexterity game made its debut in the early 80s and has continued to fascinate its enormous fan base and new players for decades. Today the game is recognized as one of the best loved retro games in the history of computer and video gaming. Now Boulder Dash is back with a hot new look to take the Xbox Live Arcade platform by storm. The multimillion units selling hit game’s core remains unchanged: in a race against time players must collect sparkling diamonds while besting hordes of enemies; and, avoiding numerous traps, and of course, falling boulders!

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