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Bought Dragon Age II? Bioware Wants to Give You Mass Effect 2 for Free


Bioware is celebrating the success of Dragon Age II by offering those who purchased the game a PC version of Mass Effect 2 for free. The offer simply requires DAII owners to activate their online pass, log into their website, and click "submit" to claim their copy. The download is immediately available, so this isn't one of those lame 6-8 week waits.

While the offer can't be redeemed for the 360 or PS3 versions of Mass Effect 2, those who bought Dragon Age II on those platforms can still get the PC version of Mass Effect 2. While the game practically sells itself at this point (the price is down to $20, and sales are everywhere), it's still a nice gesture by Bioware. With so many people disappointed with Dragon Age II, it's possible this deal is less a celebration and more of an apology to fans.

Dragon Age II has already sold over one million copies, and Bioware says it's selling faster than the original. While reviews have generally been positive, the game has been criticized for repetitive environments and rushed content. Some very vocal fans have echoed this sentiment, adding in a bit of profanity and a ton of vitriol.

I wouldn't be surprised if this offer, though very cool on Bioware's part, isn't a reaction to some of that anger. At the very least, the deal will give them some good press to balance out the negative. Still, most people playing Dragon Age II have probably already bought Mass Effect 2. If you do happen to be one of the few who haven't experienced the game, then Bioware just did you a really nice favor.

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