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Borderlands: Origins #3 comic is available, features Mordecai


Before Mordecai and Bloodwing were drinking and sniping on top of high cliffs; he was a vault hunter new to Pandora. He got chummy with three other vault hunters on a bus and we had some original Borderlands action – “there aren’t no rest for the wicked” after all. Remember in Borderlands 2 when the game mentions Mordecai and Moxxi’s fling? There is a lot of mystery looming around this character and holes that need a filling.

Thus leading us to Mordecai’s back story. Why did he get on that bus with Marcus? Why is he on Pandora? What’s his motivation? The Borderlands: Origins series continues with #3 about our favorite drunken sniper.  This comic has a whole Spaghetti Western feel to it which makes me even more excited to read it. For Mordecai, that seems like a well-fitting genre for his story to take place.

Origin Comic #3 as well as the previous ones can all be bought for a $3.99 digital download fee.  You can buy them on Comixology now. It’s only a matter of time until we get Brick’s tale now.  


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