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Borderlands Online is a real game, but only for the Chinese market

With little chances of getting released in the US

Borderlands Online

It appears that we're not the only country that seems to get online spin-offs of popular titles. Shanda Games, a Shanghai based online game operator, has announced that it will be releasing Borderlands Online to the Chinese market.

From the looks of it, the game will have four of the classic Borderlands classes playable, Hunter, Siren, Soldier and Berserker. Other than that, details are pretty scarce. Apparently development will be in Shanghai thanks to a dedicated development team supplied by 2K Games. Gearbox will also help develop the game.

The game will be making its debut for the Chinese market in 2015, and judging from past titles released there, it will most likely be a Free-to-Play title. It doesn't seem likely that we'll be seeing this title in the US, as other titles based on popular franchises released in China, such as Monster Hunter Online, have never made its way over here.


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