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Borderlands 2 writer Anthony Burch announces departure from Gearbox

Burch moving on to new original Hulu series from RocketJump


Anthony Burch, the man largely responsible for the writing of Borderlands 2 and its fantastic cast of characters, has announced his departure from Gearbox.

He's moving on to work as the lead writer on an original Hulu series from Freddie Wong's Rocketjump that'll be produced in association with Lionsgate.

The series' name hasn't yet been revealed, but is said to "expand upon the global success" of Freddie Wong and RocketJump's short films. Episodes will be a half-hour and will chronicle the filmmaking behind RocketJump's newest short. The full eight episodes will be released exclusively on Hulu on a weekly basis, where the newly-created shorts will also premiere exclusively.

“As we continue to add the best talent to Hulu, it was a natural choice for us to partner with Freddie Wong and RocketJump,” said Hulu's Beatrice Springborn. “With so many great content creators in the media landscape – from film, to television, to YouTube – Freddie Wong and the RocketJump team undoubtedly bring their own brand of creativity and a new wave of talent to Hulu.”

“We firmly believe the future of television is online, and Hulu has recognized the value of quality long-form series,” added RocketJump co-founder Freddie Wong, whose company now has over 7 million subscribers and over 1 billion video news. “We’re incredibly excited to bring our brand of over-the-top action and comedy to a new audience in a show that will change the way you look at independent filmmaking.”

It's rough news for Borderlands fans to take in, especially since Gearbox recently announced plans to begin development on a new installment in the popular co-op shooter-looter. Part of what makes Borderlands such an attractive series is its clever writing and appealing characters. Can Gearbox find a suitable replacement?
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