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Borderlands 2 'Vault Veterans" awards announced


Hope you kept your Borderlands save, because it will come in to play when Borderlands 2 hits store shelves this September 18.

In a press release today, Gearbox Software announced “Vault Veterans” awards that will be unlockable in the upcoming first-person shooter. Some of these rewards include exclusive weapon skins and character heads that can be worn. Gearbox did not mention if the rewards will be tied directly into how much time you spent playing the first game, or if it’ll simply be available to those who have their saves. However, the developer did confirm that these rewards with be otherwise unobtainable in Borderlands 2.

Borderlands 2 Vault Veterans

Several of the rewards, which can be seen below, reflect the tone that the series has set throughout its short tenure: FPS combat with Diablo-styled looting madness. Borderlands 2 aims surpass this greatness through several new features, including an overhauled inventory system, NPC/AI fixes, and prettier graphics that’ll make Pandora a better place to blast off to.

Will any original players be picking up the second title and using their save(s)? If so, let us know how many hours you’ve spent looting chests and shooting bad guys.

Source: [Gearbox Forums]

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