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Borderlands 2 theme song “Short Change Hero” receives a fan cover


I’ll never forget starting up Borderlands for the first time, watching that opening bus scene, and hearing “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” by Cage the Elephant during the into. It just felt… right. Then comes Borderlands 2 and the Gearbox crew put together the song “Short Change Hero,” performed by The Heavy, and that vibe continues on. In a way, it sounds similar to the Cage song, but has its own and mysteriously dark sound to it, which I dig.

Now, the music group Rexon decided to cover this Borderlands 2 theme song. As fans of the game franchise, you could say there is a certain level of passion for their art. I’m making this assumption based on the sweet Lilith and Psycho cosplay during the music video. Oh, did I not mention that it is a music video? Well the cover is and it’s pretty sweet; definitely worth a listen and a YouTube hit.

Quoted from the YouTube page, “Kelly [vocalist] and Pete [guitarist] are both big Borderlands fans; the video idea was born inside Kelly's head and she unwittingly dragged the others along for the ride.”

The video can be found below and make sure to check out Rexon’s Facebook page if you would like to know / hear more.


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