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Borderlands 2’s $100,000 Loot Hunt has begun and Moxxi wants you to win a PlayStation Vita


Heya Vault Hunters, I get this feeling you like loot. Here’s a question for you though, what is better than Borderlands 2 in game loot? Answer: loot in real life through completing tasks in game. Until November 7th, there will be a daily target that you Vault Hunters are going to want to take out. The first was that notorious Knuckle Dragger, followed by Boom Bewn, and lastly today’s target Captain Flynt. Why do all this? Well, in game loot, the chance to win prizes from Sony, Turtle Beach, NVIDIA, Brady Games, and potentially $50,000 – that’s why.

Besides the murder a day, there are also community goals. These are tasks set by all the Vault Hunters in the world to take out particular targets in large quantities. For example, today’s task is to kill Badass Rakks. How many? No idea. On the first day 50,000 Badass Marauders had to be put down. If all the tasks are completed, you get a badass gun at the end of the week. This one is Moxxi’s Creamer.

On top of all this, during the event, your stats will be recorded. See how badass you really are and how much you’re contributing. It’s simple really, while you play Borderlands 2, just be logged into Shift and go to town. Go to their official site HERE to check the daily kill every day! The official rules can be found HERE. This week's prize is a PlayStation Vita so participate hard for your chance to win! Unfortunately, this is a USA promotion only. Goooood luck! Check out the intro video below:

[Borderlands 2]

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