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Borderlands 2 combat focuses on strategy, bigger bosses


Those who played Borderlands probably agree when I say the game required littled to no strategy with boss fights.  That might change with Borderlands 2 which, according to lead writer Anthony Burch and lead designer Jon Hemingway, will feature "bigger, better" bosses than those that appeared inthe first game.

“In Borderlands 2 the combat is much more focused on target prioritisation and strategy and trying to figure out what is the best way to take this guy down,” Burch said. “What’s the best order of things I should do? How should my teammates, my co-op buddies help me out?”

This is much different then combat in the original game which was mainly run and gun.  In fact, the developers admitted it wasn't even until near the end of Borderlands where they began to get a better understanding of the enemies in the game.

“It was really near the end of the Borderlands development cycle that we really, really started to understand what the game was and what all the enemies were,” Hemingway added. “For each of the DLCs the game got better and better and better, and Borderlands 2 is that exact same sort of evolution train where we understand better what exactly what needs to go into the gameplay and what needs to go into a boss.”

[Beefjack via IGN]

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