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Borderlands 2 Badass Rank, Gold Key bug not related to Mechromancer DLC


Yesterday, we warned you of a glitch that occurred when downloading the new Mechromancer DLC. It seemed that upon downloading and installing the new content, every single Bonus Stat unlocked from previous characters, as well as the Badass Rank reset to zero. Additionally, it appeared to have affected Golden Keys as well by erasing some of them.

As it turns out, while there is a known glitch, it is not related to the release of the Mechromancer. Speaking on the Gearbox forums, community manager Chris Faylor confirmed that "the release of the Mechromancer and today's update are not connected to the occurrences of Badass Rank being reset."

"While the timing may appear coincidental, it's a separate issue that we are continuing to investigate."

In the meantime, Gearbox is asking all those who are experiencing the bug to email them at: with as many details as possible to help gather additional information on the matter.

We've already been affected by the bug, have you?

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