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Borderlands 2 and season pass $25 today on Amazon


Yooo, so today is the day to pick up Borderlands 2 for PC if you haven’t yet. Today and today only, you can get both Borderlands 2 and the season pass for just $25 – instead of the regular $80+ they would normally cost. Amazon boasts a powerful 72% combined savings for these two items. If you were to buy the two items individually today, it would only be a 67% savings.

You already have Borderlands 2 on PC but don’t have the season pass? You can get it today for $10. Don’t have Borderlands 2 and don’t care about the season pass with the four DLC packs and two new characters? Today, the game alone is $20. So there you have it, a deal for every scenario. 

Ordering these deals will get you a Steam codes. If you’re anything like me you like things explained in simple ways with bullet points. So, wala!

  • Borderlands 2: $20
  • Season Pass: $10
  • Borderlands 2 + Season Pass: $25

Borderlands 2 Deal of the Day Amazon


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