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Borderlands 2 $100,000 Loot Hunt targets Grendel


While this isn’t Beowulf, Borderlands 2's Captain Scarlett still wants the terror Grendel has to be put to the sword, err… bullets, for the $100,000 Loot Hunt. Grendel is some sort of, well, Bullymong type creatures. He’s hiding out over in Hayter’s Folly. You’re going to want to head over there, slay the beast, and remove the Little Evie from its cold, dead, hands. In the worlds of Lady Scarlett:

Remember Grendel? Ugly Bullymongish thing in Hayter’s Folly. Kill him a bit today and he should pop out a Little Evie.

For your community goal types, you’re going to want to target Anchormen. You’ll be putting 20,000 of these jerks down. Yesterday’s 200,000 Field Rats were successfully slaughtered. Keep up the good work, every day the community has been successful. 

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