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Borderland 2's Vladof Corporation touts its high firing supremacy

Had a chance to check out Tediore's infomercial on their cheap yet satisfying weaponry? Maybe Vladof guns are more your style? In Borderlands 2, you'll have so many guns to choose from that picking your favorite might just be the hardest thing ever.

Vladof Corporation prides itself in high fire rate weapons, meaning you'll definitely be getting a bang for your buck so to speak. Is it just me or does this video make you feel like your absolutely need to go out and buy every type of Vladof gun available. Ah the joys of propaganda.

In other, but similar news, Borderlands 2 will feature a new class of character called the Mechromancer, which was just revealed to have a skill tree that will make it easier for less skilled players to join in on the fun. While it was immediately touted as the next "Girlfriend Mode", Randy Pitchford was quick to respond that is indeed NOT a GF mode, he added that it will make it easier for less skilled players (of any gender) to play and be useful. Take that for what it's worth.

You can look out for Borderlands 2 to hit store shelves on September 18th. Oh and if you're one of the lucky few who got their hands on that loot chest preorder, just know that deep down, I really hate you. That is all.

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