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Boot Hill Heroes is an Earthbound-esque indie RPG


Earthbound for the SNES is one of the greatest RPGs ever made, if not the absolute greatest. Nothing anyone can say will ever change that. It's a damn shame that the game was never released on the Wii Virtual Console, and it's even more depressing to think about how the Big N isn't doing anything with the Earthbound IP.

That's where Boot Hill Heroes comes in. Developed by a two-man team known as Experimental Gamer, this indie RPG just bleeds pure Earthbound style. That said, it isn't some rip-off. There's plenty of fresh style in the game to help differentiate it from Nintendo's series. The game takes place in a Wild West-inspired setting, and it will feature four-player local co-op.

Creators Dave and Ben are almost finished with the game, and you can expect it on PC and Xbox Live Indie Games in October. While these fine developers are fully able to release the game on their own, they wouldn't mind a little help to get things rolling on creating an original soundtrack. You can donate different amounts on Kickstarter to reap rewards of varying awesomeness, so look into that if you dig helping out indie devs.

Watch out for Boot Hill Heroes. The game already looks pretty great, and I personally cannot wait to play it. Here's hoping Experimental Gamer doesn't meet any annoying obstacles that will keep the game from launching within the next few months.

[Experimental Gamer]

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