Booker, CATCH... a case of the giggles!

Bioshock Infinite Screenshot - BioShock Infinite Keeping up with the Comstocks

It's been almost two months since BioShock Infinite released. While we haven't gotten any DLC yet, there is a great fan-made video that explores what happens after BioShock Infinite comes to a close. 

I'd worry about spoilers, but if you haven't beaten the game by now, f*ck off. 

YouTube channel timtimfed has posted a hilarious video directed by Michael Shanks called "Keeping up with the Comstocks." In the video, we get to see how Booker lives his life now that the events in Columbia are done. How does he cope with a custody battle for Anne-Lizabeth Dewittstock? Does he miss anything about his time in Columbia? Does Anne-Lizabeth hate her fathers?

It's a hilarious video -- one of the best fan-made videos I've ever seen.

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