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Book 7 for LotRO brings a major new zone and lore to the MMO

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Book 7 for LotRO brings a major new zone and lore to the MMO
By Michael Lafferty

Lorien, elves add to the depth of the gameplay

For those who have not played Lord of the Rings Online, whether for a while or even have yet to try the massively multiplayer online game, Turbine has a sweet little present releasing in the form of Volume II: Book 7: Leaves of Lόrien. This is downloadable content available to game subscribers and takes the game to a new immersive level.

But be forewarned, you have to undergo trials if you wish to revel in the beauty that is Lothlorien, or even aid the elves of Lorien. According to Turbine’s Aaron Campbell, who was kind enough (along with Adam Mersky) to conduct a tour of the zone, players “have to finish Volume 2 Book 6 to prove yourself to the elves to pass through Lothlorien, or you can work through quests on the edge of the forest.” This is aimed at level 60 characters, and there is an epic quest that is available in Cerim Amroth that kicks off with a talk with Legolas and Gimli.

That is truly what sets this Book apart is the way that it focuses on interaction with the Ring Fellowship and allows players to meet such notable Tolkien characters such as Galadriel and Celeborn, as well.

The Book also adds a barter system and players will need to collect barter tokens in order to trade with the elves.

While a good portion of the new quests are not really combat involved, there are some serious group-oriented quests, though, that will be a definite challenge to players. One of the quests shown during the tour involved having tactical points to protect with NPCs the player could order into the areas. There were multiple objectives and the enemy orcs that were to be battled were incredible challenges that needed to be overcome.

“We want you to feel involved and engaged,” Aaron stated. “It’s great fun to take little pieces of the book and grow them into something else.

And the trilogy’s ”principles are really important to how the team thinks about the world. We want to make sure we are consistent to the principles that Tolkien laid down.”

Overall, Book 7 extends “out the space of the world, the land mass, and moved into Lothlorien. We are introducing solo-based content tied to the epic quest,” Aaron stated.

Perhaps the biggest compliment that can be paid to the team is how wonderful this all looks. Lothlorien is a glorious site to behold and players may well find themselves gazing up in wonder at architecture of the area.

And this area demonstrates the versatility and depth of the material the Turbine team draws from. Adam said the real power of the book license was that there was so much content available, and the Lothlorien territory demonstrates that.

Book 7 is a terrific addition to Lord of the Rings Online and should be something embraced by veteran and newer players alike.

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