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Bohemia Interactive Declassifies Essential Arma II Intel

September 5, 2008


505 Games and Bohemia Interactive are today pleased to announce that a new website for the incredible military simulation ArmA II is launching across Europe and it’s packed full with fresh intel on weapons, gameplay and vehicles.

Developed by Czech-based studio Bohemia Interactive, ArmA II features incredibly in-depth combat and tactical warfare on a massive scale. In fact, the game engine that powers ArmA II (Real Virtuality) is so realistic that armies across the globe use it as a framework for their virtual simulations and it’s been constantly refined and improved during 10 years of development.

Now, as part of its dedication to the loyal ArmA community, Bohemia Interactive is launching a comprehensive website at  The site features a wealth of information and more details will be added as the game’s Q1 2009 release approaches.

“For us the website serves not only as a way to reveal more information about the game, but also as yet another demonstration of our respect for the large and dedicated Bohemia Interactive fanbase,” said Jan Prazak, PR Manager, Bohemia Interactive. “We have one of the most committed online communities out there and we think it’s important to provide them with top-notch customer care.”

ArmA II will be available across Europe in Q1 2009.

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