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BLUESIDEs new MMORPG, Project T sealed a worldwide publishing deal with NEOWIZ Games.

July 29, 2009

BLUESIDE’s new MMORPG, ‘Project T’ sealed a worldwide publishing deal with NEOWIZ Games.

  • A revolutionary Action MMORPG with very stylish action and a unique story-telling approach, making it distinct from today’s PC Online games.

  • A completely new masterwork by BLUESIDE, taking its departure from the world acclaimed Kingdom Under Fire series.

  • To be globally published by NEOWIZ Games, one of the worldwide leading online game publishers.

NEOWIZ Games and BLUESIDE announced that they have sealed a worldwide publishing deal for BLUESIDE’s new ambitious project, tentatively named as “Project T”.

Departing from the ‘Kingdom Under Fire’ series, “Project T” is a completely new franchise being developed by BLUESIDE with a tremendous focus on stylish action and various aspects of online experience, some of which can be as sweet as a bed of roses or as bitter as a bed of nails in the world of M-M-O-R-P-G. With much ambition, though not too anxious to prove themselves, since they have demonstrated their expertise in creating games with spot-on action game-play and unprecedented graphic presentation through the ‘Kingdom Under Fire’ series and ‘Ninety-Nine Nights’, BLUESIDE is once again setting a new coordinate, and this time, towards a destination of fantasy wonderland to deliver an unparalleled MMO featuring highly stylish action and unique story-telling elements that will instantly draw in the players and immerse them in a whole new world full of excitement and adventures.. “Project T” is currently being aimed for a 2011 release.

To be published by one of the world’s leading online game publishers, NEOWIZ Games, “Project T” will land on virtually every country with internet access and offer new ways to enjoy action and online gaming experience in a virtual world.

About this promising partnership, CEO of BLUESIDE Inc., Sejung Kim said, “ With NEOWIZ Game’s undoubted specialty and strength in the worldwide online game publishing, I strongly believe that we together will be able to pioneer the global market of online gaming more widely and successfully than ever.” Adding to this, CEO of NEOWIZ Games, Sang-Youb Lee said, “I’m very excited that we teamed up with a world-recognized developer, BLUESIDE. Working side-by-side with them, we are planning on introducing a well-made game with unique game-play elements and contents on a sound footing of high quality game system and stunning graphics.”

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