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Bloody Palace Mode returns to DmC Devil May Cry and Vergil will become playable

Out today, for FREE, DmC Devil May Cry has been updated to include the popular Bloody Palace Mode. This can only be activated once you complete the campaign. In this mode you’ll be able to slash your way through over 100 bonus levels of monsters, demons, and abominations. There will also be five bosses for you to take on in Bloody Palace Mode. To reiterate, this is FREE for PlayStation Network, Xbox LIVE, and PC.

If that wasn’t a big enough announcement, DmC Devil May Cry also has incoming DLC due out March 5th. In Vergil’s Downfall you’ll be able to as, you guessed it, Vergil. With hours of new gameplay opportunities, four difficulty level, new storyline missions, new weapons, new combos, and new enemies, you’ll have your hands full with this brand new playable character. You’ll be able to pick this up for $9 or 720 Microsoft Points.

Add this DLC to the release of SimCity and Tomb Raider, all coming out March 5th. 

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