Bloodborne gameplay trailer coming tomorrow

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Get ready PlayStation fans, because tomorrow we're getting a brand new gameplay trailer for Bloodborne, From Software's upcoming PS4 exclusive action-RPG. PlayStation posted a very short clip teasing the impending trailer. It doesn't show much, but I'm also not so sure I want to find out what's behind that door. We're talking a game by From Software, so I'm guessing it's probably death pounding on the door.

Back in June, I had the opportunity to sit in on a presentation of Bloodborne. Though it was still very early on in development, the potential of another slam-dunk From Software game was certainly recognizable. Hopefully tomorrow's trailer gives us a better idea as to the progress the team has made since then, because it did look very raw at E3. Gamescom attendees will have a chance to play Bloodborne on PS4 this weekend.

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