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Blockdot Releases Chicktionary Game for Apples New iPad

April 6, 2010

Blockdot Releases Chicktionary Game for Apple’s New iPad

Dallas-based Blockdot has released Chicktionary – one of the most popular games on the Internet – for Apple’s iPad, the revolutionary tablet computer that sold 300,000 units on its first day in stores.

Your goal in Chicktionary is to unscramble a roost full of letters and create as many words as possible. Touch the hens and spell out a word, then watch as the word appears below them. Press Enter to submit the word into the egg crates. The more words you create, the more points you earn!

Exclusive features:

  • A beautiful design and intuitive game play.

  • Feelin’ scrambled? Shake your iPad to shuffle your chickens and get a new look at your word options. Yes, this game is PETA friendly and no chickens were injured in the making of this game — so shake away!

  • Select and drag hens to different positions in the hen house to help you complete the full puzzle.

  • Save game, local scoreboards, and worldwide scoreboards.

  • Earn Eggchievements for crazy stuff, like playing a dozen games after midnight.

  • Not an Egghead? Use the green word indicator to help you find a smaller word while spelling a larger word; the indicator lights up when the game detects a word you can submit.

  • Hidden Easter eggs, game statistics, and more!

Grab this fun FREE game that’ll keep you pecking away 'till the cows come home! It can be found in the Apple iTunes store:

Additional puzzle packs can be purchased within the game for $0.99 each.


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