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Blockdot Launches Game for "Land of the Lost," Starring Will Ferrell

April 29, 2009

Blockdot Launches Game for "Land of the Lost," Starring Will Ferrell

Right place, wrong time, awesome adventure!

Dallas-based Blockdot has launched “Land of the Lost: Crystal Adventure,” a free (yes, free!) Apple iPhone game that’s based on the super-scaled comedy-adventure Land of the Lost, starring Will Ferrell — and coming to a theater near you on June 5.

In this exciting game, Dr. Rick Marshall (Will Ferrell) is trapped inside a Sleestak temple — and he’s gonna be PERMANENTLY STEWED without your help!

  • Guide Rick Marshall through the temple by pushing blocks, building bridges over pits, and navigating around obstacles — all while avoiding the Sleestaks!

  • Collect the small crystals during the journey — they’ll help you drive your name further up the scoreboard.

  • Reach the crystal table and you’ll take Rick Marshall to the next level of the Sleestak temple!

After completing a few levels, give your brain a break and watch clips of the movie or check out photos of the spectacular sites you’ll find in the Land of the Lost.

Start your adventure now! Download the game for free at the Apple iTunes store:

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