Blizzard Awarding Prizes for Fan Videos

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It's Blizzard's twentieth anniversary this year, and their homemade tribute video was pretty epic. Now they're giving fans a chance to win a bunch of cool prizes by making videos of their favorite Blizzard moments, whether real life re-enactments of annihilating someone's base in StarCraft II, raw gameplay footage, or any other favorite memory.

The prizes offered include an expenses-paid trip to annual Blizzard gathering BlizzCon, computer peripherals courtesy of Creative Labs, Razer, and SteelSeries, right down through to action figures. Blizzard doesn't care for criteria: "If your video gets us misty-eyed or makes us stand up and cheer, it could be chosen as one of the winning entries."

The competition is restricted to US and Canada and runs from March 15 to April 19. A thorough rules page has been posted to classify everything, including the total cost of the first place prize: $2,954.85.

Here's hoping we get to see a full-scale raid acted out in real life. All it takes is a big field, people with sticks with light bulbs taped to the top, and some awkward conversations to create the best tribute to Blizzard, ever. If it costs more than $2,954.85 to put together, though, would it be worth it? There's probably a few elite World of Warcraft fans out there writing a script as we speak.

Stuart Macdonald
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