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Blizzard: World of Warcraft unlikely to go free-to-play


World of Wacraft isn't going free-to-play anytime soon.

"We've always approached the business model out of what's appropriate for each individual game," explained Blizzard president and CEO Mike Morhaime at BlizzCon 2013. "In World of Warcraft, the first 20 levels are free, anyone can download it...without paying a subscription.”

Morhaime went on to say World of Warcraft was "not designed as a free-to-play game. I don't see that kind of transition happening to WoW."

If that's the case, Blizzard might want to think of a new way to reverse the current trend of losing subscribers each financial quarter. Blizzard did announce today Warlords of Draenor, a new expansion for the long-standing MMO, which could help boost subscriptions temporarily, but as we learned with Mists of Pandaria it's usually a temporary boost.

Would you like to see World of Warcraft go free-to-play?

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