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Blizzard to introduce Report Player feature in Overwatch's next update

It's like giving everyone a "Ban" hammer, this won't go well.

Overwatch report player

For all the players on Overwatch that like to grief others, throw around profane and vulgar language, and just act like a complete jerk (I'd use other language, but I rather enjoy this gig), your time is over! 

According to Jeff Kaplan, game director of Overwatch, when patch 1.14 goes live (rumored to be after the Summer Games), players will finally have a "Report a Player" function, a feature that's already available on the PC, where players can turn on report each other, based on their behavior.

Kaplan updated the Overwatch community when he posted on the official forums for Overwatch, stating:

Reporting on console will be available when patch 1.14 goes live (the patch that has DM and TDM and is currently on the PTR for testing).

Thanks for being so patient with us.

Also, it's important to note the reporting system and punishments are very much an ongoing development for us. Improvements will continue over time. We are working on increased punishments for high-frequency offenders, email notifications when your reports result in disciplinary action (we're experimenting with this right now and we'll expand this as we refine it) and eventually notifications in the game client when your report results in disciplinary action.

So unlike many other games where when you report a player, you have no idea if your voice is heard, Blizzard's working hard to make sure that if your report of a player is so serious, or if this person has been reported before, you'll receive a notification that disciplinary action has been taken. Overall, this is great news for players who play clean, now they can finally report players who cause trouble and throw around hate speech just because they think it makes them sound tough. 

Patch 1.14 is also the patch that will contain the new Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch game modes, as well as the new map Chateau Guillard, based on the childhood home of Widowmaker (Amelie Guillard LaCroix).

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