Blizzard sues Legend of Crouching Dragon developer for Hearthstone clone

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Legend of Crouching Dragon developer Unico is being sued by Blizzard and its Chinese partner NetEase for an apparent rip-off of Hearthstone, Blizzard's upcoming digital strategy card battling game.

With Legend of Crouching Dragon only available on iOS and Android devices in China, I'm admittedly not too familiar with it, but even just glancing at a few images you can see the similiarities. From the logo to the card design, it's clear that Hearthstone was "inspiration" for this clone.

According to MMOCulture, the suit is for $1.65 million (¥10 million). Just yesterday, Hearthstone officially entered open beta in the United States, meaning it's now available to anyone (in the U.S.) who wants to play.

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