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Blizzard Showcases Mists of Pandaria Environments in New Trailer


Following the excitement of Blizzcon 2011, Blizzard is keeping the fires stoked with a new five minute trailer showing off the new environments in the upcoming Mists of Pandaria expansion. This Asian-themed expansion adds a lot of new content, including the Pandaren race, the Monk class, and as it appears in the trailer, some gorgeous new areas to explore.

The Wandering Isle

This appears to be the main hub world of Pandaria, a bright colorful village surrounded by high cliffs, with asian-temples scattered all about. The most beautiful aspect of this town appears to be the massive temple overlooking the rest of the village, likely containing the smiling panda statue also showcased in the trailer.

Jade Forest

These forests outside the main wandering isle area still contain the colorful charm of the main hub, though densely surrounded by foliage. Bamboo-like plants stretch tall into the sky, while rushing waterfalls offer a place for wandering monks to meditate. A bridge over the forest suspends a large bell, while a nearby shrine also features bells in its design. Whether these bells are just design elements or will play a part in quests remains to be seen.

Kun-Lai Summit

The trailer starts to get a bit darker as a dark field approaches massive shadowy mountains. The trailer then shows the high snowy peaks of Kun-Lai, appearing a trecherous pass for any adventurer.

Shadowpan Hideout Dungeon

The hideout of the Shadowpan clan, there will be sure to be some raids on this evil temple. Dark orange lanterns illuminate these creepy dark pagodas, with cracked and bloodstained pillars holding up the roof. 

East Temple Dungeon

The second dungeon showcased, and final area of the Pandaria expansion, the entrance to this stage appears like a Chinese fairground. Once inside, its hard not to take notice of the massive library, with stories of ancient books and scrolls stretching to the ceiling.

There's definitely a lot of cool stuff to see in this World of Warcraft expansion, and the art style is definitely awesome. And dedicated WoW players, don't forget to sign up for a year pass in order to get a copy of Diablo III on the free. Learn more at

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