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Blizzard releases Diablo III patch 1.0.2b and details 1.0.3

Diablo III - 1.0.3

Today Blizzard updated Diablo III with patch 1.0.2b, which has already landed in the Americas and is on its way to other regions.

Below is a full breakdown of what's changed.

  • General: When logging into Diablo III, the "Cancel" button which appears in the login checkbox will now be grayed out for 30 seconds after a account name and password are entered. This is to reduce server load during the login process.
  • Auction House: Damaged items can now be sold on the auction house. Once sold, damaged items will be repaired automatically when moved from the purchasing player's Completed tab to their stash. Please note that unsold damage items will not be automatically repaired when returned to the seller's stash. Description messages for several auction house-related errors have been added.
  • Mac: Several Mac performance improvements have been made.
  • Bug Fixes: It is no longer possible to skip entire Acts in a multiplayer game.
  • (cont'd) Classes - Barbarian - Active Skills: Fixed a bug that was allowing certain barbarian skills to continuously trigger each other's critical strikes, to the point of causing the player to crash. To address this crash, the following skill and skill rune combinations can no longer be triggered by each other's critical strikes: Battle Rage (Skill Rune - Bloodshed), Cleave (Skill Rune - Rupture and Skill Rune - Scattering Blast), Hammer of the Ancients (Skill Rune - Thunder Strike), and Wrath of the Berserker (Skill Rune - Slaughter).
  • Followers: Monsters who are charmed by the Enchantress's skill "Mass Confusion" can no longer kill event NPCs.

Senior Technical Game Designer Wyatt Cheng talked about the upcoming 1.0.3 patch. Here's a bare rundown of the topics he discussed:

  • Adjusting the Inferno difficulty
  • Lowering Rare item drops on bosses
  • Restricting bonus monster damage when playing as part of a group
  • Allowing items to drop from more places to suit a variety of play styles
  • Adding new death mechanics
  • Fixing bugs that relate to Attack Speed
  • Combining costs for tier 2-8 gems
  • Class tuning
  • And more

The 1.0.3 patch will arrive later this month.

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