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Blizzard MOBA "Heroes of the Storm" beta signup now live

heroes of the storm blizzard moba

Once called Blizzard All-Stars, Blizzard Entertainment announced that the rebranded Heroes of the Storm's beta signups go live today. Well, that time is now. The website to signup for Heroes of the Storm is live. 

Watching the action in the trailer below, it's not hard to get excited for this game. You can play as classic Blizzard characters like Jim Raynor, Diablo, Demon Hunter, Tyrael, Kerrigan, and Thrall, all in roles like assassin, warrior, support and specialist. You're not just taking down towers, but going through towns. Mercenary camps will fight with you or against you. 

The game's battlegrounds also have phases and objectives. Legendary events shape the strategy of matches. For instance, one battleground features a ghostly pirate ship, that when you pay its captain gold doubloons, he'll train his ship's cannons on the enemy. Another battleground has an underground level. 

To sign up for the Beta, it will ask you to login with your account, and then create a Beta profile, which you do by downloading and running the beta opt-in application that creates a beta profile containing your system specifications. All of this can be found HERE.

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