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Blizzard 'investigating' Diablo 3 Auction House latency


Outside of actual server issues affecting Diablo 3 logins, Blizzard has also had their hands full with the auction house - a new, but controversial feature implemented in Diablo 3.

When first announced, fans were up in arms over the auction house, which allows users to buy and sell items they find for either in-game gold or real life cash.  As of right now only the in-game gold service works right now with the real-money auction house delayed indefinitely.  Blizzard may want to fix the current issues plaguing the auction house before implementing the real-money version, however.

Currently, the auction house is plagued with latency affecting search results, active auction listings, posting auctions, and successful sales and purchases. In short, it's not a very pleasant experience to buy and sell in Diablo 3 right now.

According to a post today on the European forums, Blizzard is "continuing to investigate" the latency issues on the Diablo 3 auction house.

Blizzard "hopes to have all transactions running smoothly as soon as possible."

"Please note that while these issues may cause a temporary delay in having purchased items appear in your Completed tab, your items have not been lost," Blizzard community manager Takralus reassured players. "If you do not see your purchased items immediately, please wait and try again later."

"This also applies if you are experiencing difficulty transferring gold from your Completed tab to your character’s stash. Though your sales and purchases may not appear in your auction log, those transactions have still been recorded and should process within 24 hours," Takralus added.

The auction house woes are just the beginning of the problems Blizzard has been dealing with since Diablo 3 launched earlier this month.  Since its release the servers, particularly the European ones, have been suffering due to high amounts of login traffic resulting in Error messages 37 and 3006.  In the same post, Takralus informed fans that Blizzard is "working to reduce the frequency" at which these error messages appear.

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