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Blizzard entertains thoughts of Diablo 3 custom PvP matches

We already know Diablo 3 will launch without PvP, but a response to a fan asking if some sort of duel system will be implemented in the meantime seemed to spark some controversy that there will be no duels at all in Diablo 3 - ever.

According to Bashiok, the quote was taken out of context and is therefore misleading.

"We're open to the idea of custom PvP matches, which would allow for duels in the arenas," Bashiok wrote on the forums. "There are a lot of decisions before we can get there, but on the design philosophy front we don't have anything against practice duels or other custom matches (1v4?), as long as they can't be used for progression. It'll just come down to implementation and what we're able to pull off in a timely manner."

Blizzard plans to release the PvP separately in a patch later on.  There is currently no exact date for when it will be implemented, but Blizzard, last month, said it will be "a few months after release."

Meanwhile, Bashiok reiterated the company's plans for a "very loose and 'for fun'" PvP system in Diablo 3.

"Imagine clicking a button, being matched up against another team of equal skill and gear, and win or lose you move forward (although faster if you win) on a personal progression system that gives you some cosmetic recognition as you go."

He added, "There won't be ladders or leagues, we have no intent to expose team ratings, and very likely nothing besides a win/loss record to track performance etc. etc. etc. Anyone who has tried it at BlizzCon knows the PvP in Diablo III is a blast, but I've seen some people start to get ideas that it's going to be an eSport, and that's just not something we're targeting - for the sake of our goals in the single player/co-op experience."

Bashiok went on to explain that custom matches could lead to players attempting to create a more competitive system which, in turn, could hurt the actual PvE experience.  The result would be people complaining their 1v1 duels aren't balanced, and could lead to demand to "sacrifice the PvE".

"I think if there were one good argument against duels and custom games, it would be the players themselves," he concluded.

With that, I ask you: Do you want Diablo 3 to have custom PvP matches or 1v1 dueling?  I, personally, wasn't a fan of it in Diablo 2, but I also wasn't any good at it.  I enjoyed the story mode, farming Mephisto, Cow Level, etc.  For those more competitive, however, I definitely understand why they want it.

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