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Blizzard celebrates World of Warcraft’s 12th anniversary with new events and gifts

Corgi pets are inbound!


In the latest edition of “you’re getting old” news, Blizzard is officially celebrating World of Warcraft’s 12th anniversary this week.

As part of the celebration, players who log on before November 30th will be able to receive a 12th anniversary gift package, which contains special items, quest chains, and of course, a new in-game corgi pet.

As part of the package, players will receive 200 Timewarped badges, which allow you to increase XP gains from kills by 12 percent for one hour, and a “Letter from the Timewalkers” which begins a new quest line that takes you through Orgrimmar or Stormwind.

Not only that, players can also visit NPC questgivers Llore and Ju’pe to receive daily quests that can yield additional Timewarped badges IF you can answer WoW-related trivia correctly.

As for the corgi pup, players can purchase the pet from the in-game store. This isn’t the first time the corgi is being made available. During the 10 year anniversary players were able to receive a Molten Corgi.

In it’s official WoW blog, Blizzard closed its anniversary celebration by thanking fans for 12 great years of gaming:

“Thank you to all of the heroes of the Horde and the Alliance for your unfaltering dedication to Azeroth,” says Blizzard. “Whether you are a clever night elf, a nimble gnome, a mystical troll, or a stalwart human, we appreciate your continued support, and we’re looking forward to sharing many more adventures with you for years to come.”

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