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Blazing Souls Accelate Being Localized by AKSYS Games


In what's been a busy week for AKSYS games, announcing the localization of the DS visual novel 9 Hours, 9 People, 9 Doors and their recent release of Deathsmiles, the Japanese-centric game publisher announced formally on their blog that they will be bringing Blazing Souls Accelate to the PSP sometime in the near future.

Following the character Zero, players find themselves working as an independent contractor who is overcome with a power magic known as Core Elemental. Along his journey, he encounters Human Genomes, creatures created by God to replace humans, as he learns the truth about his existence.

As a strategy-RPG, designed by Idea Factory, there are a few new features that stand out from the rest of its brethren. The battle map and adventure map are one in the same, so what you do before battle will affect the terrain and players will have the opportunity to choose how they proceed through the game. Instead of being stuck along a linear line, players can search for towns and dungeons at the local guild, explore hidden areas, battle enemies or watch animated events. Also included is the power to create over 200 different items and skills and the ability to capture monsters and using them in your party.

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