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Blades of Time getting limited edition release ... Bahahaha!


Remember how Blades of Time sucked? That game was laughably bad, and it really had nothing going for it. I mean, we all love a wonderfully endowed blonde, but this game was terrible.

Now, though, it looks like Blades of Time is getting a special limited edition release. That's right, a bad game is being bundled with a bunch of crap, even though pretty much everyone is aware that the game is horrible.

Blades of Time: Limited Edition (hahaha!) will launch for PC and Mac, though these versions aren't being published by Konami. The game will include an art book, soundtrack, wallpapers, a map of Sky Islands, and the Dismal Swamp DLC.

So ... umm ... yeah, Blades of Time: Limited Edition is a thing, folks. Who's thinking of buying it? Anyone?


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