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BlackSoul looks like an old school survival horror game


Developer Xenios Vision is currently working on recreating the creepy magic of old school survival horror games with BlackSoul. The upcoming title is set in a 1970s English countryside, and judging from the trailer below, it looks like it'll use the eeriness of darkness as one of its main driving forces.

After an infection causes people to become zombified killers, two individuals named Ava and Sean set out to find the answers and ultimately survive the outbreak. BlackSoul features a variety of puzzles and corridor-based action sequences.

I actually thought the animations and movements were a bit sluggish, but the devs may address that further into development. That said, one of the scariest tropes found in classic survival horror games is their slow pace, so this may actually be a design choice.

BlackSoul is due out sometime this year. You can currently check it out and vote for it on Steam Greenlight if you dig the trailer.

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