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Blacklight: Retribution making 'final march' to end beta


In announcing the arrival of a new map today, Zombie Studios revealed they have "begun the final march to the end of beta."

"We have one bug fix patch planned, and then the next patch is going to take us out of beta," producer Kael Hammond said. As for GP prices, Hammond explained that the studio has "put a lot of time" into figuring out the best balance. "Expect details at the end of beta we think you'll be pleased to hear!" Hammond added.

Now onto today's big news: the arrival of the Seaport map today on PS4. Design to bring players into the fight quickly, the map features two major avenues of attack with smaller side paths and routes through the port's warehouses. Hammond warns to check the walkways and roofs as you advance since the industrial port setting means there's verticality to the map. 

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