Black Ops 2 blacklist debacle finally resolved

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Gameblog, the French website who received the brunt of Activision's harsh response for reporting on Amazon's leaked Black Ops 2 product page, has apparently reached a resolution with the company who apparently blacklisted the website for not taking down the news piece.

Gameblog first announced the debacle was resolved on their website, and later sent a translated statement to Kotaku.

Following the events that shook our columns those past few days, which Activision USA referred to as a "misunderstanding" they were working on to "resolve", Activision France contacted us by phone to tell us that they wanted "to work again" with Gameblog and were "glad" to do so.

They made clear that they wanted to resume everything that was severed past Friday, including the sending of the games, attendance to the publisher's events, and the contacts between their media agency and our advertisement agency.

Gameblog is obviously glad of the decision Activision took to come back on its original position, and hopes that this kind of situation will not happen again, to anyone.

Activision issued a brief statement earlier claiming the company "doesn't blacklist journalists" and that the whole issue "was a misunderstanding".

As for Black Ops 2, we don't know for sure if that is this year's Call of Duty title, but I think it's a reasonable assumption that it is, indeed, this year's installment.  Back in January, Fusible reported the domain "" had been acquired by Activision.

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