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Black Isle Studios may be making a come back


Interplay appears to be bringing back Black Isle Studios, a brand synominous with RPGs in the 90s and early 2000s. Interplay recently revamped the long defunct Black Isle website, with news stating "Black Isle Studios is Back". They've also reestablished a Twitter and Facebook account, though they appaer to just be housing repurposed Black Isle logos at the moment, with no real activity.

Though, it seems that those originally involved with the studio have very little to do with it.  Former Black Isle developer and current Obsidian Entertainment designer Chris Avellone took to Twitter

"I know nothing about the Black Isle Studio news announcement, doesn't involve me or Obsidian… or well, anyone that I know. ;)"

The original Black Isle was shut down by Interplay in late 2003 - hopefully this return of Black Isle means a Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance 3 is in the works. I've been waiting for the resolution of that plotline since I was a freshman in high school!

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