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Bit.Trip Complete Compiles Series on One Wii Disc


The folks over at Gaijin Games have announced that all of CommanderVideo's enjoyable quests will all be packaged in one collection for the Wii. This was certainly unexpected news, given the downloadable availability on the Wii Shop Channel. But even though it came as a surprise, it is no doubt a very pleasant one.

The retail disc will include everything that made the games so great during their original releases, and the folks over at Gaijin are even throwing in some nifty extras to really make this package feel special. Unlockable images, music, and videos will all be included on the Wii disc. Additionally, the levels in each of the games will feature "many new gameplay challenges." This is definitely enough to make me want to buy the games all over again.

According to Gaijin CEO Alex Neuse, there will be plenty of music to go around when Bit.Trip Complete launches in stores. "It's so awesome because we got to include three remixes by one of our really big fans, Ganon95, on the Wii disc," announced Neuse. "Also, Precise Hero, a rapper out of Michigan, has some fan tribute songs on there. Then there are a couple demo tracks that we made that didn't end up making the cut. The disc is also packaged with a soundtrack CD."

Extras like these always make we want to pick up games I already own all over again. If you haven't played any of the Bit.Trip games, I highly suggest purchasing this Wii disc when it hits stores. Or you could also go with Bit.Trip Saga for the 3DS. It's your call. Just play this series!

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