Bit.Trip’s Runner2 coming to PS Vita next week

BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien Screenshot - Bit.Trip’s Runner2

Gaijin Games has revealed that Bit.Trip's Runner2 will be available on the PlayStation Vita next week, on December 17 to be exact.

"Since releasing Runner2 for console and PC, we’ve had countless people ask us about a potential Vita version," associate producer Dant Rambo said on the PlayStation Blog.

"This was, as you can surely imagine, very flattering. We were stoked that people enjoyed the game as much as they did, and even more stoked that they wanted to see it on additional platforms," Rambo added. "This inspired us to give it our all with the Vita version, and to make it just as good as its console counterparts. As it turns out, this wasn’t such a difficult task. As any Vita owner can confirm, it’s an incredibly powerful platform."

Runner2 will sell for $9.99 for the Vita, but PlayStation Plus members will be able to purchase the game for $7.99 thanks to a 20% discount at launch. There was no mention of any sort of Cross Buy promotion, but we have reached out for clarification. Additionally, The Good Friends Character Pack will also be available at launch for $2.99, or $2.09 for PS Plus members.

"All that said, we’re aware that some of you waited a lot longer than you wanted to for the game’s release," Rambo concluded. "We can’t thank you enough for your patience, and if we could we’d hug each and every one of you."

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