Bit.Trip developers might attempt a new take on Metroid

Screenshot - Laserlife

The independent studio known for creating the Bit.Trip series of games has dropped mention of a possible next game: Bitroid.

Gaijin Games co-founder Mike Roush told Nintendo World Report that the developer may move in a new direction. It has plans for a game that would put a fresh spin on the popular Metroid series.

"I think we are going to move on," said Roush. "We have been talking about Bitroid — you can figure out what that would be."

Gaijin's concept Laserlife from 2010 is another possibility, and it would likely appear on Wii U. Roush's presentation at Indiecade showed an astronaut conducting music with lasers as the player wielded a pair of Wii Remote Pluses, for instance.

"If we do Laserlife," said Roush, "it will not be small. I am not sure we are going to do a Bitroid. But I can't imagine that being small either! Maybe we will do something like an original Bit.Trip game — three or four-month dev cycle!"

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