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Bioware Wants Mass Effect 3 to Be a Top-Shelf Shooter


Bioware has some big aspirations for Mass Effect 3. If they have their way, you'll be calling it the best third-person shooter---not just a great RPG.

“Mass Effect 3 aims to be a 'Best in Class' third-person shooter, with everything you'd expect from that,” said Executive Producer Casey Hudson in an interview with OXM. The main reason is the new found mobility Commander Shepard will have in the trilogy closer.

Senior Designer Christina Norman explains, “Everything you could do in ME2 is there, but now you can SWAT turn in cover, sprint out of cover, roll, climb ladders, leap across gaps, climb over small obstacles without first entering cover. You can get from strategic point A to B more efficiently and without exposing yourself to gunfire. The feeling of cover has improved--it's more substantial, and you have partial lean--you don't have to be in full zoom scope to fire from cover.”

The added mobility could put the series up there with games that focus on shooting, but it's still a bold claim. When you say “Best in Class,” you're talking about titles like Gears of War 3 and Dead Space 2. To get that level of playability in a forty-hour game with branching paths, dialogue, and character progression would be a monumental achievement.

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