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BioWare Aware of Glitched Exiled Prince Achievements


Things aren't going well for BioWare. After causing a stir over banning someone who claimed that BioWare "sold their souls to the EA devil," now the first DLC pack for Dragon Age II, Exiled Prince, is having issues with achievements. For unknown reasons, the Xbox 360 version of the game refuses to reward players their much-desired gamer points, but BioWare claims they're dealing with the situation.

"Just so everyone knows, we're aware of the fact that the Exiled Prince achievements are currently not unlocking on X360 and have been investigating the potential causes," said Rob Bartel, BioWare's senior designer, on the company's forum. This was posted a day ago, and there's currently no date for a fix. A couple of users are beginning to receive the achievements, though, which means that BioWare is on the job and are making sure another playthrough isn't required to unlock them.

This isn't the first case of a big Dragon Age II glitch. Just a couple of days ago, an infinite XP and money glitch surfaced, and then an armor glitch appeared, too. Even the first game had its share of problems, but the two previously mentioned glitches were hilariously simple to pull off. The max armor one, for example, was activated just by equipping and un-equipping a shield—an unacceptable design by any standards.

Forum users sounded off at BioWare, with some taking a more aggressive approach than others. "Is this company incapable from learning from its mistakes," one gamer asked, while RicAlmighty went further: "It is utterly mind boggling that BioWare continues to make the same mistakes over and over and over again with every single game they put out. Would you like me to test these for you? Seriously, I'm offering my services to you at no cost. I can guarantee that I'll do a better job than the moron you're paying to do it."

Look for an official announcement from BioWare some time tomorrow because anything released after then will probably be met with harsher words than those above.

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